For more than 25 years, Boréal Design has been pushing the limits of modern sea kayak design. It is their signature bow, long keel line, amazing speed and surprising stability that makes every Boréal Design boat a cut above the rest. If you are new to sea kayaking or a veteran guide, BD’s line-up has the perfect kayak for your next adventure.


Building a kayak takes care and precaution. Doing a self-rescue in sea conditions is hard enough on its own. Having side gear you know will not break when you need it most is a necessity. From the high-grade HDPE powder we use in our roto-molded plastic boats, down to the deck fittings, we ensure that everything exceeds your expectation.


Performance is about use, context and most importantly the user. The best kayak for a sea faring level 4 guide might not be the best boat for a lake bound beginner. Understanding the needs of each individual, their intended use, and the environment they will be exploring, is the core concept we place at the center of each new design.

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Going faster is not our sole goal; we strive to generate new ideas to contribute to the great sport of kayaking. From purchasing a kayak at one of our dealers, to creating videos showing you how to repair and store your boat for the winter, a better user experience is something we work on daily.  User experience for us doesn’t stop at the cash register.


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